# College Applications and Job Searches: A Tale of Two Rubrics

The processes of applying to college and applying for a job are surprisingly similar: both are quests for alignment between individual skills and institutional needs. In the job market, the Position Description (PD) serves as a roadmap, outlining required skills and responsibilities. This document guides applicants in crafting tailored resumes and cover letters to showcase how they can contribute to the role.

Similarly, departmental descriptions at colleges provide high school students with a rubric for academic preparation. These guidelines detail the intellectual pursuits valued by a department, helping students make informed academic and extracurricular choices. Just as job seekers use the PD to match their skills to an employer’s needs, students use departmental descriptions to align their high school experience with their prospective college’s academic culture.

In both scenarios, the key to success lies in understanding the criteria set forth by the institution. By doing so, applicants can not only meet requirements but also contribute meaningfully to the communities they aim to join.