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The Morganelli Method
A strategic roadmap for navigating elite college admissions.
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Welcome to Ivy League Admissions

As the foremost U.S. admissions consulting firm with over a decade of expertise in Ivy League admissions, we’ve developed The Morganelli Method – a proven strategy for securing those coveted acceptance letters.

If your goal is an elite college education, we understand the challenges you encounter in the application process – discovering your authentic voice, selecting the ideal major, and pinpointing the ideal college type.

Let us expertly navigate this strategic application process on your behalf, crafting a distinctive personal narrative designed to appeal to admissions selection committees and enhance your chances of admission.

Meet John Morganelli

John, the Former Director of Admissions at Cornell University, Founder of Ivy League Consulting, LLC, and Author of Growing Ivy, offers real strategies backed by genuine insights.


The Morganelli Method: An Application Strategy Tailored for Every Grade Level

The Morganelli Method is a strategic roadmap designed to lead you seamlessly through the complex world of Ivy League admissions. We understand that each stage of high school comes with unique challenges and opportunities. That’s why The Morganelli Method is carefully tailored for both 9th-11th grade and 12th grade, ensuring you have the personalized guidance you need at every step.

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We walk you through these college application steps:


We will go over your academic achievements, interests, extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school.

Identify College Type & Prospective Major

Within your chosen college type, we identify the most strategic prospective major.

Strategic Plan Development

Based on your unique qualities, we develop a thematic extracurricular engagement plan designed to enhance your profile.

Relevant Questions Development

We help develop compelling / locally relevant research or interview questions.

Information Sharing / Advocacy

We leverage your informed perspective into information sharing or community advocacy opportunities.

Deliverable Development

We help you create "evidence" of your intellectual interests to support our application theme.

Strategic + Thematic = Offer

We are intentional in building strategic stories that offer unique perspectives; and ultimately earn offers.

Submit a Standout Application

We develop a compelling narrative and strategic application to submit to your dream school.

College Admissions Consulting Services

Embarking on a college education demands an investment of time, energy, and resources. Our mission is to optimize the returns on this investment for motivated learners. We provide essential information and a strategic perspective to ensure successful admission to the finest colleges and universities. Explore our customizable services tailored for 9th-12th grade students.

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Proven Method

A track record of securing coveted elite college and Ivy League admissions.

Expert Team

Seasoned consultants with a personal understanding of the admissions process.

Efficient Implementation

Streamlined process for assembling a strong application.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Begin with self-assessment to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This forms the foundation of your ‘ethos’ and ‘application narrative.’

Identify your priorities (e.g., major, location, size), and consider how these align with prospective colleges. Specialism, not generalism, is key.

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