Ivy League Consulting Overview

A college education requires an investment of time, energy and resources. Our mission is to maximize the return on that investment by providing motivated learners the information necessary to earn admission to the best schools possible. We pride ourselves on providing information about the selection process that almost no other independent counselors in the country can match. We specialize in selective (admit rates of less than 50%), highly selective (admit rates of less than 30%) and super selective (admit rates less than 15%) colleges and universities. We look forward to guiding you and your family through this exciting life journey.

Application Year Services:

    • Academic Narrative Development
      • It all starts with the academic narrative. This will serve as the foundation to the rest of your application
    • College List Benchmarking
      • Strategy is very important here. Let us help managing risk and maximize opportunity
    • ED / EA / Regular / Rolling Application Strategy
      • Choosing an application option is extremely important, let us help guide you to the right strategy
    • Personal Statement / Common Application Essay Development, Commenting and Editing
      • Your personal statement is an important voice in this process. We will make sure your voice is unique and compelling.
    • Supplemental Essay Question Development, Editing and Commenting
      • Arguably more important than the more focused on personal statement. These questions were written by the admissions staff for specific reasons.
    • Teacher / Mentor Recommendation Strategy
      • Your teacher / mentor recommendations can speak volumes about your ability and character, we will provide guidance to ensure you are choosing the right people and they are telling the right story.
    • Interview Strategy
      • Anything you say can, and will be used for or against you during the review process, we will make sure you are prepared.

Pre-Application Year Services:

Underclass Goals 

  • Establish strategic application academic direction (earlier the better)
  • Ensure appropriate curriculum for established direction
  • Provide actionable guidance about how to build layered evidence of engagement in established direction
  • Provide actionable guidance about how to build academic and engagement-based depth in established direction
  • Provide actionable guidance to ensure all of the required evidence / content is in place to build an application that tells a compelling academic story

Underclass Consulting Activities 

  • Student Engagement Documentation
    • Based on a student’s academic interest, Consultant will develop an “Academic Roadmap” that will provide the student directive ideas about how to build evidence of exploration in specific areas of academia. The roadmap will provide insight academically appropriate:
      • In-School extracurricular recommendations
      • Outside of school structured programs (camps, internships, etc.)
      • College level courses (Community College or otherwise)
      • Self-Initiated Academic Community Engagement Ideas
        • Consultant will provide directional questions / ideas to provide the student insight into how to explore areas of academia through unstructured community engagement.
  • Academic Curriculum Consulting
    • Wondering which courses to take? If you have questions, we have answers about how course selection will be considered by selective institutions.
  • Standardized Tests Consultation
    • SAT, ACT or TOEFL? How many times should you take each test? Should you consider using the “optional” option? Standardized tests require more strategy than ever.
  • Brag Sheet Development:
    • Many schools ask parents to create “brag sheets” about their children – we help develop / edit that document to ensure messaging in concert with what colleges are looking for.