Our Mission

A college education requires an investment of time, energy and resources. Our mission is to maximize the return on that investment by providing motivated learners the relevant information and strategic perspective necessary to earn admission to the best colleges / universities possible.

Underclass (9th – 11th) Services / Goals

Goals by Year:

  • 9th Grade:
    • Higher Education Overview
      • Provide general orientation to areas of academia / college structure
    • Foundational Engagement
      • Build appropriate engagement foundation through strategically considered in-school extracurricular engagement
    • Curriculum Guidance
      • Identify whether specific or flexible curriculum guidance is most appropriate
    • Community Awareness
      • Develop understanding of what is happening in client’s community and how those things connect to academia
    • Academic Direction: College Level
      • Continually consider the merits of A&S, Business and Engineering as collegiate directions and make decisions as appropriate


  • 10th Grade:
    • Academic Direction: Major Level
      • Within the established collegiate direction, begin to consider the possible prospective major options / narratives
      • Academic roadmap delivery
    • Academically Relevant Community Question
      • Within the context of the student’s academic interests, begin to formulate community relevant research questions
    • Expand Engagement
      • Diversify engagement by exploring area of academic interest outside of school through things like out of school classes, summer programs, shadowing programs, internships, academically relevant volunteerism, etc.
    • Standardized Tests / Self-Study Exams
      • Identify the appropriate tests and advise on appropriate preparation
    • Deliverables
      • Consider opportunities or actions that can provide a ‘deliverable’ that illustrates your academic interest
    • Competition Consideration
      • Consider whether ‘objective achievement’ can or should be added to the application wish list


  • 11th Grade:
    • Academic Direction: Subtopic Level
      • Clearly define the prospective major and subsection topic / research question
    • Academic Research / Mentorship
      • Use the academically and community relevant questions to engage in academic research that will result an intellectual interest deliverable for the admissions application
    • Contribution / Leadership
      • Consider how to illustrate added value through engagement with people in personally or academically relevant communities
    • Advocacy
      • Consider how academically relevant questions or findings can provide an opportunity for advocacy
    • Competition Consideration
      • Consider opportunity cost of objective achievement vs. narrative depth and make strategic decision based on goals
    • Letter of Recommendation Strategy
      • It is imperative to define the ‘academic narrative’ because students and parents will need to complete college ‘brag sheets,’ whereby they discuss the qualities and characteristics that makes the applicant desirable. This content is used in the letter of recommendations and it is imperative that the requisite elements and qualities are included


Senior (12th) Application Services

All-inclusive ‘Senior’ services begin July 1st before client’s 12th grade, and include:

  • 12th Grade:
    • Ten (10) Consultant Directed Strategic Planning Meetings:
      • The College Application Introduction Meeting
        • Introduction to the Common Application
        • Application types review
        • Benchmarking the college list overview
        • Personal statement vs. supplemental essays
        • Academic narrative overview
        • College recommender overview
        • Interview overview
      • Academic Narrative / Prospective Major Meeting
        • Development of applicant narrative within the context of prospective majors
      • Personal Statement Brainstorm Meeting
        • Deliver personal statement brainstorm guidelines document
        • Deliver example personal statements
        • Consideration of the variety of possible directions
      • Personal Statement Direction Meeting
        • Development of the vehicle / angle / elements of the personal statement
      • Benchmarking the College List Meeting / Application Options Meeting
        • Strategic benchmarking of college list options to ensure reasonable risk distribution
        • Consideration of application options that impact admissibility
      • Supplemental Essay Overview Meeting
        • Deliver supplemental essays overview document
        • Deliver example supplemental essays
        • Review question types and brainstorm response options
      • Supplemental Essay Brainstorm / Content Development Meeting
        • Delivery of ‘supplemental essay research template’
        • Review institution specific supplemental essays, brainstorm responses, structure, etc.
      • Activities / Honors List Meeting
        • Review the activity list guidelines, order, descriptions, etc.
      • Application Review
        • An Ivy League application review, before you press submit
      • Bonus Meeting
        • To be used at the discretion of the client
    • 12th Grade Application Deliverables
      • Strategically developed Common / Coalition Application
      • Strategically developed activity / honors list
      • Strategically developed personal statement
      • Strategically developed institution specific supplemental essays

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