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At Ivy League Admissions, we understand the transformative power of an Ivy League education. With decades of combined experience in higher education consulting, our team is dedicated to empowering students to unlock their fullest potential. We bring together former admissions officers, Ivy League graduates, and seasoned education consultants who have a deep, personal understanding of the admissions process.

The Architect Behind Your Success

John Morganelli, the founder of Ivy League Admissions, brings a unique edge to the table. As one of the few former Ivy League admissions director currently offering personalized consulting, John’s insights are unparalleled. His work, ‘Growing Ivy,’ is more than a book—it’s a blueprint for cracking the code on elite college admissions.


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The Morganelli Method

The Morganelli Method, developed by John Morganelli, is a distinctive strategy crafted to navigate the intricate admissions process of Ivy League schools. This method is not just a plan; it’s a comprehensive guide that addresses the evolving challenges students face from freshman to senior year. By breaking down the journey into specific, manageable stages, the Morganelli Method provides targeted guidance that evolves with the student. From foundational academic planning in the early high school years to sophisticated application strategies for seniors, each phase is designed to build on the last, ensuring that students are perfectly positioned to showcase their strengths and unique qualities to top-tier universities.

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Our consultants are not only field experts but also alumni of the very institutions our clients aspire to join. They offer firsthand insights into what Ivy League schools are truly looking for.


We believe in a personalized approach to admissions consulting. Each student’s journey is unique, and our strategies are tailored to reflect each candidate’s individual story and achievements.


Our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully guided countless students into Ivy League schools and other top-tier institutions. Our personalized strategies and expert insights ensure that our clients stand out in the competitive admissions process.

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