Ivy League Consulting Team

John Morganelli Jr.

    1. Relevant Background:
      1. Cornell University, College of Arts & Sciences, Director of Admissions (2018)
      2. Author of “Growing Ivy: How to Crack the Code on Elite College Admissions” (2021)
      3. Founder and President of “Ivy League Consulting, LLC” (2019)
      4. Decade+ experience in highly selective college admissions, including leadership positions at Cornell. Lehigh and Moravian (2007-2018)
      5. Ivy+ Conference Participant / Host with all eight Ivy League schools “plus” MIT, Duke, and Stanford (2017)
      6. Masters in Educational Leadership – Lehigh University (2016)
    2. Expertise:
      1. All Undergraduate Admissions

Heather Phipps Stevenson

    1. Relevant Background:
      1. Harvard University, Undergraduate Psychology (2010)
        1. Harvard Admissions Tour Guide
      2. Harvard Admissions Information Session Presenter
      3. Harvard Club of Chicago: Alumni Interviewer (2013)
      4. Ivy League Consulting, LLC: Senior Consultant
      5. Decade of Admissions Consulting Experience
    2. Expertise:
      1. Highly Selective Undergraduate Admissions

Sean Van Domelen

    1. Relevant Background:
      1. Cambridge University, 2021 M. Phil. Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
      2. Ivy League Consulting, LLC: Consultant
    2. Expertise:
      1. Selective Undergraduate Admissions, Selective Graduate Admissions

Why Us?

“Students without access to accurate information are at a distinct disadvantage against students that understand the process and enter with a strategy.  Our team’s experience in Ivy League Admissions provided for the rare opportunity for an inside look into the admissions strategies employed by most of the most selective colleges in the country. The truth is, most college consultants offer little more than the ability to edit an essay. We are not your typical consultants. We aren’t guessing. We’ve been there. Our perspectives are based on reviewing tens of thousands of applications for admissions. They are based on writing the interview questions and managing selection committees. They are based on unmatched professional experience and insight.” 

If you want to give yourself the best chance to earn an offer of admission to your dream school, let’s chat.