For seniors – most applications were due at midnight on January 1. If that deadline was missed, there are some schools with a January 15 deadline … so be sure to check it out. Once applications have been submitted, it’s time to mentally and emotionally put them to the side. Worrying won’t help. Neither will incessantly emailing admissions with updates. Focus on maintaining strong senior year grades (you will need them if you are waitlisted) and try to enjoy the rest of your senior year. It goes by quickly – take a moment to take a deep breath and look around for a moment. Waiting list strategy and evaluating offers will be the next order of business.

For Juniors – the Spring semester is the time to get serious about applying to college. Things to begin considering:
1) what teachers am I considering for recommendations (they matter and choices matter).
2) visiting colleges, but summer time you should have a relatively stable list you are considering.
3) make sure you have taken or signed up to take SAT, ACT or TOEFL. Which tests you take depends on your abilities and college you are considering.

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