Students without access to accurate information are at a distinct disadvantage against students that understand the process and enter with a strategy. I have over a decade of admissions experience and have worked as a senior-level admissions officer at three different colleges and universities. Most recently I served as the Director of Admissions at Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences. You can read more about my appointment here: Morganelli Appointed Director.

My position as an Ivy League Admissions Director provided for the rare opportunity to participate in collegial information sharing. For example, did you know that every two years the Deans and Directors of Admissions for a group called “Ivy Plus” (all the Ivy League schools *plus* Stanford, MIT, and Duke) get together on one of the aforementioned campuses to discuss admissions issues and strategies? In 2017 I was fortunate to be the Director of Admissions when Cornell hosted the Ivy Plus group in Ithaca, NY. There I had the opportunity to learn more about the strategies employed by some of the most selective colleges in the country.

The truth is most college consultants offer little more than the ability to edit an essay. I am not your typical consultant. I’m not guessing. I’ve been there. My perspective is based on reviewing tens of thousands of applications for admissions. It is based on writing the interview questions and managing selection committees. It is based on unmatched professional experience. As of 2020, I am the only functioning independent admissions consultant in the United States who has served as an undergraduate Ivy League Admissions Director.

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